It is SC Laboratories’ mission to be the premier provider of specialized tests and related services for medical cannabis.  SC Laboratories is an analytical laboratory seeking to co-create a new paradigm in cannabis testing. One that balances the need for informed patients with the progress of a healthy industry. It is our vision to be recognized as an industry performance leader, surpassing our competitors in quality, innovation, value, and excellence in applied scientific methods and processes. As medical marijuana continues to gain important scientific and political legitimacy, the need to raise the standards of cultivation practices and overall transparency of the product is clear. Together as producers, distributors, and patients, we can build a safe and healthy industry.

SC Laboratories is one of the first independent analytical institutions to recognize the importance of promoting cannabis safety through education, testing and certification.  Our goal is to encourage the cannabis industry to demand the highest level of safety management and contaminant control practices available.  Cannabis safety and oversight concerns are central quality control issues for the medical cannabis industry. It is the goal of SC Laboratories to assist in the development of and monitor the adherence to a set of safety and quality standards for medical cannabis. It is our belief that by proving that medical cannabis can be produced and handled in a safe and sustainable manner, we can provide greater value and safety assurances to patients and consumers. Many cultivators, distributors, and patients have made significant strides to assure both the quality and safety of their product, however, more can be done.

SC Laboratories provides a comprehensive testing array for pesticide and microbiological contamination as well as potency analysis. Patients can make informed choices when they know the strength of their medicine. Testing also affords the patient the confidence that their medical cannabis provider offers protection from unsafe levels of pesticide and pathogens.